FAQ For owner

How do I create a new advert on Homelyletting.co.uk ?

Create a new account on the website, click on the upper right corner on LIST YOUR SPACE and select your package. After making the payment, you can start creating the advert of your property by clicking on Create New Advertisement. Fill in the required information and create your property advert. Then process will take you step by step and after filling all the information of your property, you will see in your dashboard that you have 1 property and their is an option which says Publish, after clicking on it your property listing will get uploaded on our entire website network automatically and will be live for the guest..

If you want to add more property, use the 'Create New Advertisement' button to create more adverts.(For that charges will be applicable for adding more properties)

Why should I put contact details on each Advert?

The most important thing when advertising your Holiday Home is making sure that guests are able to contact you to enquire for renting your property by email or telephonic conversation. In the regard of "Account and Setting" the following contact details are required:

  • ·Your name
  • ·Contact number
  • ·The languages you speak
  • ·Your name
  • ·Email

How should I pay the value for advertising package?

You may pay the amount of subscription by 2 modes

  • Credit/debit card:This is the most convenient and economical mode of payment.
  • PayPalYou can use your PayPal account to pay for the subscription.

What type of photos can I upload on the advert?

When it comes to attracting guests on HomelyLetting.co.uk to view your property, your Photos are the most important part of enquiry. Most of our guests tell us that property's photographs are the most essential and alluring content of an advert. So before posting them on your advert, ensure that they are taken by a professional photographer. You can post high resolutions photos that are wider rather than taller. You can upload a maximum number of 12 in Basic, 22 in Standard and unlimited in Premium package according toy your selected package that can be replaced later by log-in into your account.

  • Go to your dashboard and click the Edit option
  • Click Image tab.
  • Click the Choose File button.
  • Find the image files on your computer that you want to upload.
  • Click Upload Image button.
  • Wait for the result.
  • To add more photos repeat same things that you have done above
  • Now select the main image and then click on Save Images

We use your Main Image this photo to show main photo of your property, in our search results page and if we promote your property on our homepage or other campaign pages. Choose the best photo for your 'Main Image'.

How do I update the Calendar / Availability?

  • Go to your dashboard and click the Availability Calendar
  • Now you can select any start date and end date to block the calendar. Current or chosen status of that date will appear below, when you select your property ID.

How to Navigate Property Location?

Please put Complete Address of your property location and click on Locate on Map so that guests can see where your property is located on a map and can find it easily.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of every property location, as these are sometimes provided incorrectly by the agency. · To locate the exact address of the property, please contact us at help@homelyletting.co.uk and we will /try to provide the exact address for you.

Define whether your property should be advertised as apartments, cottages, Holiday homes, hotels,B&Bs and villas....etc. To make it easier for your guests to plan their holiday, please inform on your advert whether the guests need a car when they will rent your property.

Describe the local area and attractions in your own words.